Weird sex laws in nevada in Gateshead

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What are the most weirdest laws around the world? Also, an ancient Norwegian law still exists that obliges all Norwegians to go out on expeditions to rape and plunder at least once every five years. You cannot cohabit with an "ancestor or descendant. In Utah you can marry your cousin, but only if you are both over the age of

  • In seven U.
  • Over on io9, we posted a map of all the weirdest sex laws in the U.
  • Every state has some laws that will make you scratch your head.
  • Quite a long time back, we shared with you 50 Stupid Laws from 50 States.
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Final Blackout. Contributory neglect or contributory delinquency is a misdemeanor. A motion picture, photograph, picture, drawing, statue, sculpture or other visual representation or image; or. Retrieved 4 July It is not necessary to prove either of the marriages by the register and certificate thereof, or other record evidence, but those marriages may be proved by such evidence as is admissible to prove a marriage in other cases, and when the second marriage has taken place without this State, cohabitation in this State after the second marriage constitutes the commission of the crime of bigamy.

Weird sex laws in nevada in Gateshead

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  • Dec 17,  · Over on io9, we posted a map of all the weirdest sex laws in the U.S.A. We didn't have room for every weird sex law we found, and some of them we had to shorten a bit to make them fit. So here's the complete, unedited list of sex laws! Jun 26,  · These 10 Crazy Laws in Nevada Will Leave You Shaking Your Head. It’s no secret that laws are made to protect us. However, it seems as though these days legislators are trying to control people’s lives a little too much, and some of the laws they make are flat out insane! Check out the 10 Nevada laws below to understand exactly what I mean.
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  • May 01,  · Nevada: Be selective with X-rays Say what you will about the vice and commercialism of Las Vegas—at least they’re looking out for your feet. In Nevada, it is illegal to use an x-ray device to Author: Reader's Digest Editors. However, these weird or outlandish laws are actually on the books, whether they're enforced or not. It's illegal to carry away or collect seaweed at night in New Hampshire.
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  • Animals are the subject of a few of these strange laws in Nevada. One of the strangest is that you are not allowed to drive a camel on a highway. That may seem like common sense, but at one time it was something that was such an issue a law needed to be passed about it. In the late ’s camels were brought to Nevada and the quickly. Dec 03,  · We’ve come across a number of laws, some real, others contrived; and have compiled for you an authentic list of dumb and crazy laws in the state of Alabama. If you know about any other weird laws that are in effect in Alabama, do share with us in the comments section. 1 – You Are Not Allowed to Wrestle a Bear!
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  • In these states, sodomy is only illegal for homosexuals: Montana, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas. Oral sex is often considered sodomy by many states, according to the Hebrew Bible. Except strangely, you don’t see people as equally outraged about this as they are about gay sex. up on these crazy laws from different US states and countries. Dec 23,  · Crazy laws exist in every state, for many different reasons. Some other crazy laws are off the books for good and do not apply apply to state law. In most states, when police officers try to force these and other crazy laws on people, the decision is appealed due to the lack of relevance that the law has on the situation.
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  • These 10 Crazy Laws in Missouri Will Leave You Scratching Your Head in Wonder. I mentioned the laws against frightening a baby or feeding beer to an elephant in an earlier post, but here are a few more crazy laws on the books in Missouri.
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