Slippery slope examples on same sex marriages in Ann Arbor

The problems seem to pop up now by how the laws are written, but, this is a subject I am fairly ignorant on, but who writes the actual language? Moss said the bill was discriminatory and was likely to end up in court. It's just going to have to go through the legislative process Bet on it!

I want the rules set to reduce the opportunity for wide spread fraud. Oh well, you must not be a public employee. Or how about a better example.

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Add your voice! From a legal basis, it was an argument in rebuttal to the other side. I would also like to tell you what will not happen. Lesbians will marry lesbians. Devine says marriage is not about validating adult romantic interests, but about making and looking after children.

Heterosexual couples are free to marry whoever they like, with minimal restrictions placed on legal recognition of their marriage. Conservatives might lament the transformation of marriage, but in many ways this represented progress. And their pets!

  • As the time for SCOTUS to weigh in on DOMA and Prop 8 nears, I've noticed that y'all are becoming slightly shriller if such a thing is possible in your insistence on the dire consequences of permitting same-sex couples to marry. All of these objections are ludicrous.
  • Gay marriage will lead to polygamy, bestiality, murder and God forbid, Cat-dogs! The slippery slope; it is a common ploy used by politicians and religious zealots to invoke fear by stating that a certain course of action will lead to undesirable consequences.
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Good people will leave the state, no money will be saved, Michigan's reputation will suffer even more , The historical record bears this out. If someone else is on your insurance you pay the same for the other person, whether they are gay, straight or whatever.

That case, in , involved an interracial couple who wanted the right to wed. Polygamy and same-sex marriage are independent issues. I'm embarrassed to say I live in the not so great state of Michigan.

Slippery slope examples on same sex marriages in Ann Arbor

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