Funniest urban dictionary sex definitions in Derby

Pimp Nails UrbDic Sex lasting as long as The Kentucky Derby approximately two mintues. Neitherthey're an enby! Men commonly approach women in a nonchalant way and ask if they'd like to join their roller derby team. They don't even wave or say hi. The pivots job is to keep control of the pack speed.

Stick this in her mouth, as if it were a reign. Wetter than an otter's pocket It's a fucked up place that you should never live in. Derby has around 13, residents and it's only 5 square miles which makes it the smallest city in Connecticut by area.

The kids are fucking retarded and just fucked up all around. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. Back To Top.

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Use this to maneuver and ride your partner around funniest urban dictionary sex definitions in Derby track of sex. I submitted my carefully thought-out, asexual, sociopathic serial-killer OC to an OC story. Whereas the singer gets the benefit of the music, those unfortunate to be standing nearby are subjected to an unaccompanied and invariably crappy rendition of the song.

TSIF Two or more individuals partake in a standing defecation where winners are determined by the longest unbroken "tail" at any given point.

  • This is just for humour and growth of vocabulary.
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  • Sometimes with literal shit involved. Often with literal shit involved.
  • Top definition. I noticed most of the other definitions here completely trash fanfiction.

I heard the DC Talk roadies used to crunk up the groupies and hold Kentucky Derbys to decide which ones got to hang with the band. Axed from the group and traumatised by their experiences, yet unwilling to go quietly, the sheep went on to form the Derby County Supporters Club.

Roller Derby; a sport for the girls who tore the heads off their barbies. You better just look Eskimo Trebuchet up for yourself.

Funniest urban dictionary sex definitions in Derby

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  • Back. Loading Top definition. Kentucky Derby. When performing anal sex with your female partner in the doggy style position you, upon ejaculation produce such. Back. Loading Top definition. derby. a football match between two teams from the same city or area. Man Utd v Man City (Manchester) Arsenal v Chelsea .
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  • Aug 17,  · But by god, if any of them ever look on Urban Dictionary for sexspiration, I will revoke their internet privileges. Here are the most hilarious/disgusting entries (changed to include correct grammar, of course – we don’t want you to be distracted by incorrect spelling and poorly placed punctuation marks). Sep 23,  · If you've been totally 'with it' when it comes to Internet pop culture, there's a good chance you've heard of Urban's a site where people come up with quirky phrases and their Missing: Derby.
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  • What people call Derby, CT. Its the smallest city in Connecticut and it is terrible. Mainly the city just looks dirty and disgusting. It has a west and east side. There's​. Back. Loading Top definition. Derby wife. A roller derby soul mate, the woman who you knew from the first second that you'd been separated at birth, who will.
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  • The coolest and funniest person you'll ever meet. Usually a hot blonde, but could be brunette as well. Very talented and sweet, and is very friendly. Almost no. In All American Valley part of Connecticut, very small city named after Derby, England. Derby has We have one of the best XC and track teams in the USA.
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